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سیستم آموزشی دانشگاه سما

The process of Providing Educational Services

1.Registering the new comers

2.Checking the fee structure

3.Preparing and presenting student cards

4.Issuing an employment certificate (in case)

5. Issuing admission certificate

6.Delivering the new students list to the Allied faculties to select their units

The process of selecting units

1.Presenting new semester Schedule

2. Presenting the student rules and regulations

3.introducing teachers to the new comers

4.introducing subjects of semester

5.present the physical structure of faculty

6.Assignment of lessons to the teachers

7.Uploadding the current semester to the web

8.Scheduling the unit selection time of selecting credits, removing and adding, emergency deletion and addition

9. Notification to the system administer

10.Notification to the school education

11. Selecting subjects by students

12.Confirmation of selection and print

13. Final approval by supervisor

14.Delivering selection paper to the faculty of education

15. Final approval of the vice chancellor of the university

The process of dropping and adding and changing subjects

1.Deliver the form to the teachers and groups by the college education

2In the case of need, refer to teachers and sign by them and group

3.In the case of agreement, sign by teaches and group

4.Return forms to the education

5.Check the form by education

6.Deliver the final form to the university education

The process of resignation from education

1.Submission of cancellation request to the education of campus

2.Review of students’ request

3. Announcing resignation policy from studies by the faculties affiliated to the vice chancellor of education

4.Issuance of a definitive cancellation order according to educational regulations and signed by students

5.Providing the payment settlement form to the student

6.Announcement of academic status and number of units to the educational service center of relevant ministry

7.Declare of students’ cancellation to the international office by official letter

8. Receiving the deposit receipt from students

For graduation, they’ ll do the same process in addition

1.   They take the license of document delivery

2.   Delivery of certificates and transcripts

3.   Deactivate the students in the Hamava and freeze the documents in the archive